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Photo © D. Turpen

sui generis  (adjective)    sui ge·​ner·​is | ˌsü-ˌī-ˈje-nə-rəs
© 2020 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated

Definition of sui generis

: constituting a class alone : UNIQUE, PECULIAR

Synonyms for sui generis

alone, lone, one, one-off, only, singular, sole, solitary, special, unique

By the early 1900s "sui generis" had expanded beyond solely scientific contexts, and it is now used more generally for anything that stands alone.

History and Etymology for sui generis
Latin, of its own kind

visionary  (adjective)   vi·​sion·​ary | \ ˈvi-zhə-ˌner-ē \
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Definition of visionary 

  1. having or marked by foresight and imagination
  2. a: of the nature of a vision : ILLUSORY
    b: incapable of being realized or achieved : UTOPIAN
    a visionary scheme
    c: existing only in imagination : UNREAL
  3. a: able or likely to see visions
    b: disposed to reverie or imagining : DREAMY
  4. of, relating to, or characterized by visions or the power of vision